3rd August 2020 marked an important episode in the transformation story of Internal Affairs Unit. The US Embassy through INL program assistant Ms. Roselyn Linguli made a unique visit at KCB Towers. She presented ICT equipment to support the operations of the unit in executing its mandate. The valuable equipment was received by Mr. William Sing’oei, OGW, Director Joint Operations Centre(JOC) on behalf of the Inspector General Mr. Hillary N. Mutyambai nsc (AU).

The colorful event was witnessed by Mr. Mohamed I. Amin, MBS, OGW, ‘ndc’ (K) Director Internal Affairs Unit, his deputy Mr. Gitahi Kanyeki, OGW and IAU staff in full glare of cameras from a battery of media personalities.

In his speech, Mr. Sing’oei stated the IG’s gratitude for the gesture made by the US Embassy and confirmed his full support to the partnership between the two entities. Mr. Amin confirmed to the attendants that the partnership had seen IAU investigators receive specialized training in various areas of their careers and donations of equipment to help them achieve the Unit’s goals. He said that there was an on-going training of trainers and development of a curriculum for IAU staff sponsored by INL in collaboration with California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Mr. Kanyeki also joined in appreciating the partners for their support towards the Unit and reassured them of proper end-user utilization. Ms. Roselyn confirmed the Embassy’s commitment in facilitating IAU.

The Unit is currently developing a digital information management system that will see all its sections and regional offices integrated for the purpose of service delivery. Once complete, its complaint management process will be made easier. Investigators will be enabled to access information on individual cases at the comfort of their work stations without making unnecessary movements. The filing system of the Unit is also bound to get a new phase shift.