IAU Sections

The Unit is headed by a Director who is responsible to the Inspector-General for the effective and efficient administration, operations, training, and internal oversight of the Unit.

The unit has one Deputy Director who deputizes the Director. All IAU staff were selected on the basis of overall law enforcement experience and skills, integrity, maturity, sound professional judgement and the ability to prepare and complete detailed investigative reports in a timely basis.

In order to execute its mandate effectively, the Unit has different sections as follows: –

1. Complaints Management – This is tasked with receiving, registering and processing all complaints within the Unit. A complaint goes through various stages towards resolution.

2. Legal section – It is headed by a legal officer who has a qualification of an advocate of the High Court. The main work here is to analyse complaints and evaluate whether they fall within the mandate of the Unit before taking action on them. The section also scrutinizes all investigation files to ensure they meet the standards required.

3. Investigations – It forms the critical part of the Unit. It is headed by a Chief Investigator whose main task is to allocate cases for investigations after they have been registered by the Complaints Management Sections and analysed by Legal Office.

The investigators are organised in teams headed by team leaders. The Chief Investigator guides the teams in consultation with the team leaders and the legal team. The completed investigation files are submitted to the Chief Investigator for his guidance and onward forwarding to the Director IAU who shall after concurring with the findings and recommendations forward the same to the Inspector General for information, concurrence and implementation.

4. Logistics – This is the section that deals with logistical issues at the Unit. These include transport, stationary, office utilities, and procurement.

5. Research – This section is yet to be operationalized.

6. Human Capital Management – This deals with the personnel affairs including recruitment, career progression as well as officers’ welfare.

IAU Organogram