The Government of Kenya first initiated police reforms agenda in 2002 following appointment of a Task Force made up of state and non-state actors. In 2007 – 2008 during and after post-election violence the momentum to reform the police was rekindled. The Waki Commission was given a special mandate to investigate the state of security agencies and how they handled post-election violence.

The recommendations of the Commission became the basis for the process of police reforms in the country. In implementing the recommendations of the Commission, the National Accord recognized police reforms as one of the items under this Reforms Package. There was need for a comprehensive reform of the Kenya Police Force and Administration Police in terms of constitutional, legal, policy and institutional aspects. Consequently a National Task Force on Police Reforms chaired by Hon. Justice (Rtd) Philip Ransley was appointed in 2009 to develop a roadmap for police reforms. The task force came up with 200 recommendations. Among the recommendations was the introduction of external and internal mechanisms for police accountability.

The National Police Service is provided for in articles 243, 244, and 247 of the Constitution and operationalized under the National Police Service Act No.11A of 2011. The Act provides for the establishment of Internal Affairs Unit (IAU) under section 87 as an internal mechanism for ensuring police Discipline, Accountability and Professionalism.


Internal Affairs Unit is established under section 87 of the National Police Service Act No. 11A of 2011. It is mandated to receive and investigate complaints against police officers. The act introduces changes to the Police complaints system.

The Unit was operationalized on 15th July 2013 at Jogoo house ‘A’. The initial operations were centred around capacity building and putting in place structures for efficiency and effectiveness. The Unit was relocated to KCB Towers, Upper Hill in November 2018. This was to comply with the legal provision that provides that the Unit shall be housed in separate premises from the rest of the National Police Service.

Vision: To promote Professionalism and Accountability in the National Police Service.

Mission: To conduct thorough, timely and impartial investigations of alleged police misconduct.

Motto: Service with Integrity.